Welcome to W.J.Jones & Son Funeral Home's Website Home Page

Dayna Smith-Short - General Manager
Dayna Smith-Short - General Manager

On behalf of the Jones Team,
I would like to welcome you
to our Website Home Page.
Please take your time to peruse
all that we have to offer
and please call me with any questions you might have.

Our Jones Team are honoured
enter this
75th year

of W.J.Jones & Son serving
Moose Jaw and area!

What a privilege it has been to
 "be there" for families

at their greatest time of need.
We embark on this new year, with the same
goal...of serving every family as if they were our own.

Please call me, or any of the Jones Team  at 306-693-4644
with any questions you might have.

Talk of a Lifetime

Dave Moore
Dave Moore
Talk of a Lifetime Presentation
"If you don't talk about your Final Wishes BEFORE you die
...when WILL you?"

February 12th
Old Legion Hall, Chaplin

February 19th
Moose Jaw Public Library
South Meeting Room

2014 Heritage Stewardship Award

W.J.Jones & Son Funeral Home
was honoured to received a
Heritage Stewardship Award
at the
 2014 Citizen and Group of the Year Awards
Luncheon hosted by the
Moose Jaw Chamber of Commerce
and Golden West Radio.
A wonderful way to begin our
75th year of serving this Community.

Saskatchewan Angel Dresses

Saskatchewan Angel Dresses

Did you know we are a dropoff location for Saskatchewan Angel Dresses?

If you would like to contribute to this most worthy cause, by gifting your gowns or formal wear for use in creating beautiful attire for precious babies who are gone too soon, please call us and we can make arrangements with you.

You can call us at 306-693-4644

for more information visit

Saskatchewan Angel Dresses on Facebook

Important Travel Information

If my loved one is out of the country when they die, how will you help us?

ANSWER by Dayna Smith-Short: General Manager; Funeral Director and Program Head of Funeral Services Saskatchewan Polytechnic

No matter where you or your loved one are in the world, we can help you with ALL of the arrangements in the event of the passing of your loved one.  
The first step is to call the Funeral Home immediately at 1-306-693-4644 and one of our trained staff will answer 24/7.  We will then make all of the necessary arrangements for your loved one to be brought back home or for cremation to take place in the country that the death occurred, depending on your family's wishes or the pre-arranged wishes of your loved one. The arrangements we would then do would include working with a local funeral home in that country to make such arrangements as securing all proper documentation, arranging for flights, receiving your loved one  into the care of our Funeral Home and then arranging Funeral Services with your family once they arrive home.

(306) 693-4644